CNA is run by volunteers with a keen interest in netball. The Association strives to provide a healthy sporting environment, promote the development of junior and senior sportspersons in the spirit of strong competition and fair play and build a sense of community around the involvement in a team sport. 

In line with the population growth in North Canberra and Gungahlin, CNA’s membership has been rejuvenated over recent years, and now offers one of the largest competitions in the ACT. CNA needs your support to help it continue to support grass roots junior sports and its pathways to elite programs in any capacity you can spare!

Summary of Executive Roles:

President: To provide strategic leadership for the Association by working with ACT Netball, Sporting bodies, ACT District Associations, CNA Committee and stakeholders to establish, maintain and meet long term goals, strategies, objectives, plans and policies. To Plan, develop, organize, implement, direct and evaluate the Association’s fiscal function and performance in accordance to the Association Rules and all legal and compliance obligations.

Treasurer: To ensure the Executive Committee is empowered to manage the financial affairs of the Association and is responsible for protection of the Association’s cash, assets and collection of all revenues and payment of all financial obligations. Ensuring all financial transactions are recorded and reports produced for presentation to the Executive Committee and members at AGM. Must comply with financial reporting obligations contained in the club rules and the Incorporated Associations legislation. 

Secretary: To ensure the Association is run according to Association Constitution, By-Laws, Policies and Procedures, legal and compliance obligations complying with the Incorporated Associations Act. Responsible for managing, collecting, reviewing and disseminating the Association’s information and knowledge base. 

Vice President Operations: To liaise and collaborate with other Associations to ensure the successful implementation and running of North Canberra Netball Competition (NCNC). Supervising CNA District Registrar and building relationships with affiliated club officials. To ensure the NCNC complies with By-laws, Competition Rules, Codes of Conduct and policies and procedures.

Vice President Representatives: Working closely with Senior State League Head Coach,  CNA Coaches and Coaches Convenor, governing bodies and Executive Committee to coordinate, implement and run the Association’s representative programs from 9 years old to Open age groups following established policies, procedures and pathways and initiating continuous improvement.

Game Day Convenor: Works closely with VPO and Competition Convenors, Umpire Convenors, Canteen Manager and NCNC Club Officials and NCNC members to oversee the operations and administration of game day requirements and compliance with NCNC Competition Rules and health and safety for all players, supporters, officials and members present.

Convenors – NetSetGo!, SET/Modified, Juniors, Intermediates, Seniors: Supported by VPO and Game Day Convenor, competition convenors are responsible for the supervision, grading and rules compliance of their age groups and division.

Coaches Convenor: Supported by Vice President Representatives to promote and allocate qualified and appropriate coaches for all Association Representative Programs. To support and facilitate club coaching development at grass roots level and provide support for coach development pathways and to identify continuous improvement.

Junior Representative Convenors: This two-person role is supported by Vice President Representatives and is responsible for coordinating all elements of the Associations Junior Representative Program. To facilitate and support player pathways, competition rules and Association Codes of Conduct.

Umpire Convenors: These two roles (Saturday Convenor and Representative Convenor) lead the Senior Umpire Development Group and are responsible for the allocation and development of Association umpires including pathways from Junior Academy, Saturday Competition, Representatives and ACT level games and to identify continuous improvement. 

Facilities Convenor: To ensure the functionality, security and operational requirement of the grounds, pavilion and ancillary requirements. Supporting the Safety and Risk Management Officer and maintaining the A.C.T ‘ActSmart’ Recycling Accreditation.

Sponsorship, Fundraising, Communications Committee Convenor: This sub-committee role supports the Association by advising and project managing activities consistent with the Association’s strategic plan related to developing a sustainable funding approach to meet future demands and co-ordinate communications to members. This role reports to the Executive Committee. Would suit members with a background in marketing, sports management, 

Special Projects Convenor (2020 Pavilion Re-Development): This sub-committee role will undertake the exciting re-development project of the existing Association Pavilion in relation to the Association’s obligations under the Grant Agreement with SportAustralia. This will include project governance, budget management, consultation with stakeholders etc. This role reports to the Executive Committee. Would suit members with a background in building and construction, trade, legal, design, and project management.

Summary of Non-Executive Support Roles:

These roles support the Executive and can be time managed accordingly per program or for specific time periods as negotiated.

Assistant Convenors – Competitions, Representatives, Umpires, Facilities and Sub-Committees: Support the roles per agreement and negotiation with the Executive Convenor.

Safety and Risk Management Officer: Is responsible for the coordination of risk management, safety and health matters for all players, supporters, officials, members and visitors. Would suit members with a background in WHS profession.

Uniforms Co-ordinator: Supported by Vice President Representatives and Junior Representative Convenor. This role is to stocktake, order, maintain and distribute the Associations uniform ordering for umpires, committee and representative programs and be the primary point of contact with suppliers. Would suit members with a background of procurement, ordinance, warehouse control.

Junior Rep Trials Co-ordinator: Supported by Vice President Representatives this role is responsible for overseeing the Junior Representative trials including selectors, registration of players, communications, ensuring selection criteria is followed and appropriate feedback collated and disseminated. This role is the primary point of contact during the selection process.

Assistant Communications: Liaises with Association Part-Time Administrator and linked in with Sponsorship, Fundraising and Communications sub-committee. Would suit a marketing/business student. 

Micro-volunteering Roles:

If you are unable to commit to a dedicate role but would still love to help the volunteers who provide the opportunity for participation in junior sports please email with the time you are able to offer and a mutual agreement will be met, with thanks!

CNA sincerely accepts and appreciates the support with single task, no obligation ‘fast 15’ contributions that can be offered.

Quick tasks for example:

  • slicing, dicing and grating ingredients in the canteen for rolls and burritos 

  • Putting up signage around the courts on a Saturday morning

  • Gas bottle exchange

  • Assistance with the ACT Smart Recycling Program

  • Serving in canteen

  • Assistance with uniform distribution 

  • Equipment stock take

CONTACT MICHELLE for more information