2019 CNA Annual General Meeting 


CNA will host the Annual AGM on Thursday 24th October 2019 at the CNA Pavilion, Lyneham Courts at 7pm.


Please come along and support your Association, each past CNA Committee has tried hard to provide an enjoyable sporting experience for its members, with a range of athlete, coach and officials’ development opportunities. Help CNA continue this ethos by volunteering for a committee role and supporting CNA in providing and improving the Netball programs within the ACT.


Benefits of being on the Executive committee:


-      Having a voice for your club within the committee: Varied perspectives and experiences are invaluable in an Executive Committee, having your club’s perspective present within the committee is a great way to ensure that your club’s views are heard.


-      Being able to make a difference: Make a difference by volunteering and helping guide your Association towards a culture which aims to meet as many needs as possible.


-      Contributing to the sustainability of the organisation: Volunteer committee members are an important part of any organisation, without committee members the organisation would not be able to function, help CNA continue to do that by volunteering for a role or a supporting role for the benefit of all CNA players and supporters.


Can’t commit to a role but still happy to help:


-       CNA is for the community and it needs its community to help! If you have a trade, skillset and/or raw enthusiasm to assist, on a case by case basis, please send in an email! We would love to hear from you!


-       CNA needs many volunteers at the start of each Saturday Winter Competition and Junior Representative season, if you could spare some time to support the beginning of these two extremely large programmes please send in an email.


To gain maximum benefit for all CNA clubs/schools, attendance by a minimum of one club/school representative is requested. Meetings such as AGM and Council are where changes to competition rules or CNA By-Laws or CNA Constitution can be put to a discussion and vote. Competition Rules and CNA By-Laws can be found on the CNA website under About Us > Governance. Any clubs/schools wishing to table a special resolution please send the submission to canberraNA@gmail.com by Wednesday 23rd October 2019.


Ultimately CNA needs an Executive Committee to co-ordinate and facilitate the numerous programmes it offers.


Please see the 2019-2020 Executive position nomination forms, please distribute this to your club members.


Please RSVP by Monday 21st October 2019 to canberraNA@gmail.com with your attendance or complete Proxy Form.'


Many thanks


Canberra Netball Association