Canberra Netball Association may provide support for its members selected to participate in ACT representative programs and national tournaments.  Consideration will be given to requests from members who have a current and ongoing relationship with the Association.  


Requests for financial support will be considered in recognition of a player or official’s achievements on the basis that there is also a benefit to the association’s membership.  Approval and the level of support will be at the discretion of CNA’s executive committee and have regard to the Association’s current financial position. Requests will be considered within budgetary constraints and must provide evidence of selection and compulsory costs for fees, travel and uniforms.


C.N.A. has developed guidelines to support this policy but maintains discretion to offer support to members and to the extent considered appropriate.


If you, or a member of your family, has been selected to represent ACT in a national tournament, or similar, and require support with the costs associated with that tournament, please make a request in writing using this form and submit to: providing evidence of selection, the nature of the tournament and the compulsory costs.  


Your request will be considered by C.N.A's committee at the next scheduled meeting and a response advising of the outcome will be provided in due course.