NetSetGo 'NET'

10 week skills based program for 5-8 year olds (kindy to year 2 or new players that aren’t confident playing in the Sat morning competition, age is flexible). The program is designed by Netball Australia run by each district association.  


A Winter NET skills program for 5-10 year olds will be held at the Lyneham Outdoor Netball Courts on Northbourne Avenue from 9.30am - 10.15am on Saturday mornings commencing on Saturday 25 Jul 20 - 26 Sep 20.  NetSetGO promotes the acquisition of basic motor skills in a fun environment of games and activities.


The program costs $95.00, which includes a NetSetGO T-shirt and a netball.  Every player will receive a participant pack that includes a netball, a Suncorp NetSetGO t-shirt, a pack of Suncorp Super Netball player cards and a letter from a Suncorp Super Netball #TeamGirls player


If you are interested in enrolling your son or daughter in the Winter NET skills program, registrations are completed online through MyNetball at the following link:


For any queries regarding the NET Skills Program, please contact Jasmin Shortt, CNA NET Skills Program Co-ordinator on 0406377812 or via email


NetSetGo 'SET'

Also referred to as ‘modified’ as it's the modified rules competition run on a SAT morning, clubs nominate teams in the SET division (usually Years 2 - 4). This is no different to the normal competition rego, they just need to use the SET registration type (it’s not a separate program like NET).


Canberra Netball Association offers a modified netball competition in line with the NetSetGo 'Set' principles that support young netballers in their first years.  Players join teams to participate in matches with modified netball rules. The matches are non-competitive and no finals are played.


For coaches of teams in the 8-10 year old age group, please CLICK HERE for some suggested training session plan from the Suncorp NetSetGo website. 


Modified Rules can be found under the Competitions tab. 


NetSetGo 'GO'

This is our Juniors Saturday morning competition usually players in years 5-6. Clubs nominate teams in the juniors division. Contact your local club for registration details.