Rules of Netball

Netball Rules
The game of netball is played in accordance with the Offical Rules which can be viewed on the Netball Australia website.
Copies of the Official Rule Book as well as the Section I Theory Exam guide 'U' for Umpiring will be available from the canteen.
There have been some amendments that came into effect 1st January 2020.  The amendments can be accessed HERE.

Net Set Go Modified Rules
We also offer a modified competition called SET Tier & GO Tier.  This is an introductory non-competitive game format with modified rules to allow players to learn the game before progressing to full netball rules.  The new SET and GO Tier rules can be accessed HERE.   NCNC has adjusted some rules to comply with our competition format.  These can be accessed HERE.

If you have any questions about rules please come and speak to one of our senior umpires at the pavilion or contact