Lyneham BBQ Roster



The BBQ at CNA's Lyneham courts on Saturdays offers a great opportunity for clubs and schools to fundraise during the netball season.  The Association provides the BBQ equipment and stock and clubs organise a roster for volunteers (3-5 people) from approximately 7.45 am - 2.30 pm on Saturdays.  The dates clubs have been allocated for the BBQ for the current season are now available. Access the roster here.


Shared Profits

The Canteen Manager will reconcile the money and left over stock and advise the CNA Treasurer. Your club will be advised of their share of profits and payment will be arranged via direct deposit to a bank account in your club’s name, following reconciliation. 
Some guidance for running the BBQ is also available here.


CNA now have EFTPOS in the canteen.

As such all sales will be running from the canteen window for BBQ and Canteen.


CNA strives to provide a healthy sporting environment, promoting junior and senior netball and build a sense of community around the involvement in team sport. In 2019 CNA is embarking on an exciting new initiative with the ACT Government’s Healthy Choices Canberra (HCC) to enable access to healthier food and drink options at our recently renovated canteen at Lyneham Netball Courts. This pilot program aims to redesign and open a new canteen to our broader community and needs a motivated, creative person to lead its redevelopment, launch and ongoing provision of a high quality service to our netball community! 


**Volunteers are always welcome in any capacity whether it be a fast 15 minutes, helpful half hour, in for a reason or here for a season, please contact CNA secretary Michelle -