Grading Policy

Grading Policy and Procedures

The NCNC grading policy provides an outline of the framework and comprehensive process adopted to group teams into appropriate divisions in the winter netball competition.  The policies and principles apply primarily to the competitive netball categories.  Attachment A includes an outline of the policies applied for modified netball.


With the exception of teams participating in the non-competitive SET category, the draws will not be adjusted after the final fixtures are published, unless the circumstances warrant an adjustment that is consistent with this policy. Teams that elect not to participate in any matches during match grading weeks will be ineligible to appeal grading decisions. This applies to teams that field less than five players registered during grading matches.

Requests to move divisions after the third round of competition cannot be considered.  Notwithstanding this, the Association maintains the discretion to make adjustments in accordance with C.N.A’s by‑laws.

All appeals should be submitted to by returning this form.