Our Saturday netball competition is played outdoors. To minimise unnecessary disruption to the draws our preference is "not" to cancel games. While games will not be called off solely because it is raining, player/umpire safety is paramount and if the courts at either the Lyneham or Charnwood venue are deemed to be unsafe, matches will be cancelled.  Notifications will be displayed under the news feed on the website and/or via Facebook.


The decision to cancel matches will be made round by round by the Wet Weather Committee (comprising the Executive member on duty, the relevant category convenor and the umpire convenor present at the venue).  Decisions regarding cancellation of games are made by each time slot (not each age category), unless the weather is severe and the forecast conditions are without doubt and the whole day is cancelled.

 Decisions regarding play of games at each venue may differ. The facilities at Lyneham and Charnwood are not the same and decisions about playing games are made in light of the conditions prevailing at each location at the time.


During wet weather, matches will only be cancelled for the safety of players and match officials.  Correct footwear should be worn to cope with wet weather conditions.  Match cancellations will not be based on player/umpire/spectator comfort.  The consideration of safety will take into account many factors including:   

  •  the amount and intensity of rain, sleet, hail
  •  thunderstorm activity with lightning
  •  water volume on the courts
  •  lack of grip on court
  •  player age level on court.


This decision cannot be made until the playing surfaces and forecasts have been assessed.

Player safety is always our primary concern and games may be shortened to allow for court drying equipment to be used by club volunteers prior to games and during game breaks. 
Depending on the forecast, the decision to play later timeslots may be reviewed throughout the day and information will be updated in line with changes in playing conditions.
Wherever practical, advance notice will be posted on the CNA website. If there is no notifications on the CNA website teams should report to the courts. If your team is playing in the first round of the day the Associations strongly recommend that players to attend the venue if they are concerned about arriving by the start time if games are to proceed, as play will not be delayed and games will be forfeited if teams have insufficient players to take the court.

Once a decision has been made for play to commence, games will only be stopped if, in the view of the Wet Weather Committee or the umpires on an individual court, conditions present a safety hazard. In a rain situation the umpires may offer the teams the chance to stop the game. If both teams agree and half-time has not been reached, the game will be considered an abandoned game (with no points awarded to either team). If the game is called off at or after half-time, the scores will stand and the team with the highest score will be declared the winner. The score at the time the match is abandoned is taken to be the final score.

If, in the event that one team wishes to continue and one team wishes to stop playing due to the weather conditions, the team that wishes to stop will be declared as forfeiting the game. In this case no score is recorded and five points are awarded to the winning team. In the event that games are cancelled, or called off before half-time and a result is recorded, the subsequent round of netball competition will include a half game of the draw from the washed‑out round and a half game of the scheduled round.  

Adjusted draws will not apply to SET (modified netball) which is non-competitive.