Umpiring General

All teams participating in the North Canberra Netball Competition need to provide an umpire for their own game. 

Where available, badged umpires will be allocated for Division 1 games in the Senior, Cadet and Intermediate grades. However this depends on the availability of qualified umpires and teams graded in Division 1 Intermediate, Cadet and Senior categories are expected to provide an umpire to the pool to cover other games where their badged umpires are allocated to Division 1 games.

Club Umpire Information sessions and umpire swap meets are held throughout the season. The Umpires Convenor/Coordinator for each club attends these meetings (or a representative of the club).

Umpires are strongly encouraged to sit the on-line theory exam, which can be accessed from the Netball Australia Website.

If you require support in developing and coaching umpires please contact: 

The ‘introduction to umpiring course’ is a short practical session is aimed at both young and adult umpires, beginner umpires and also those that have previously umpired and would like a refresher on current practices. The session will provide an overview of both modified and netball rules. The session is strongly recommended for any umpire planning to, or may be called upon on to, umpire - particularly modified netball.

State level umpire protocols apply to Division 1 senior matches to allow players and umpires to enhance the development of players and umpires towards elite levels of netball, including the ACT State League Competition. This means Seniors Division 1 matches are fully timed.  The rules and protocols to be applied by all umpires on NCNC Seniors Division 1 matches are available here.