About Us

Canberra Netball Association is the longest running Netball Association in the ACT commencing operation in the 1940s, then as the ACT Women’s Basketball Association. 

The original netball courts were situated in Acton and after several moves around the north side of the ACT, the Association took up residence at Southwell Park, Lyneham in the 1970s. The Canberra Netball association was officially formed in 1970 as a district of ACT. 

CNA is run by volunteers with a keen interest in netball. The Association strives to provide a healthy sporting environment, promote the development of junior and senior sportspersons in the spirit of strong competition and fair play and build a sense of community around the involvement in a team sport. 

In line with the population growth in North Canberra and Gungahlin, CNA’s membership has been rejuvenated over recent years, and now offers one of the largest competitions in the ACT.

The North Canberra Netball Competition (NCNC) is a joint winter competition run by the Canberra and Belconnen Netball Associations from March to September (played outdoors on Saturdays) – which is for the North Canberra areas. The Associations manage the competition but don’t form teams to play in the competition. There are several community based clubs in the area.